Kelso High School, Scotland

Your name

Elaine Dyer

Your role

Principal Teacher of Support for Learning

Your school name

Kelso High School, Scotland

Describe your school (type, age, location, demographic etc)

Mainstream Rural Secondary School, Scotland, age 11 – 18 (S1 – S6)

What do you like most about the ReaderPen?

Our pupils really like their simplicity and immediateness of the device. They like the size and discreteness when they are using them in class and transporting them around the school. Our pupils like the fact they can work independently with their learning and are not left behind their peers.

Please describe how you are using the ReaderPen?

Our pens are regularly used to promote inclusive approaches within mainstream classes.

Please describe how the use of the ReaderPen has affected your students’ academic work?

Students are able to make real and meaningful progress with their learning which matches their intellectual capacities.

Please describe how it has helped your student’s confidence/independence?

Our students report feeling confident at attending classes and working independently despite their difficulties. DC is happy at school despite all the anxieties he had at Transition to Secondary. CG is leaving school this year and has been accepted to study Dentistry at the top University in Scotland. He states that the Reader pen has been an effective tool in relation to his success.

Please describe any areas in your school where you feel the ReaderPen has made an impact for example academic results, resourcing of staff and cost savings.

Resourcing of staff is one of the biggest issues currently. I intend to purchase additional scanning pens in my next year allocation to counteract the reduction in staffing due to cuts within our authority.

How likely are you to recommend the ReaderPen to others?

I have already recommended these at the event I hosted, but also demonstrated these at a Complex Needs Unit Sharing Good Practice event, and to my fellow PTs SfL Group Meeting.