Ms.Otto, Special Education Teacher from Chambers County Schools, Valley, AL

Ms.Otto, Special Education Teacher provided the following feedback, Feb 2017

Thank you so much for the trial use of the Reader Pen.

The Reader Pen was a very helpful tool for a student on my case load who has very low reading skills.

This student has assistive technology services in their IEP that states that textbooks will be provided through alternate read aloud versions (CD, online, etc.). This sounds good in the best-case scenario but in reality, some of the books are old and do not have read aloud versions. There also goes for many classroom, homework, and assessment documents that do not have read aloud versions. Without available technology at hand the general education and special education teachers must provide these services via other means such as reading to the student, providing a peer helper to read, or make recordings. This also adds the loss of instructional time element involved in developing these services.

I have been working with this student in the Resource Room to get caught up on history assignments (there is a lot of it) and I have to read everything in order to assure understanding and comprehension of material; often stopping to define unfamiliar words or to repeat text. If I need to assist other students, then the work for this student stops until I return because this student cannot complete the assignment without auditory assistance. The performance in the general education classroom also mirrors this scenario thus resulting in a significant negative impact on his academic performance.

When the Reader Pen was brought to me to try with a student I immediately knew who needed it the most. I introduced the Reader Pen to this student and went over the package directions to assure proper use.

After a few minutes of practice time the student was ready to begin the assignment.

Using the headphone jack, the student used the pen to scan text in the textbook and worksheet, listen to the playback, and was able to answer the questions independently. This was the first time this student had actually given me a solid answer to a question and the first time the work was completed without assistance.

The following day the student returned to my room requesting to use the pen and went straight to work without the need to be instructed.

I thought the pen was an absolutely wonderful way to complete work independently. It is small and inconspicuous which reduces negative attention and with using the headphones reduces student generated distractions for other students.

No matter what text media is presented the Reader Pen would be a tool the student could use for any assignment especially when given assignments that do not have auditory capabilities. The Reader Pen allows this student will be able to function independently which significantly levels the learning field.