In summary I would consider the C-Pen ReaderPenTM to be a huge success for the reasons outlined above and I would highly recommend it to other colleagues/schools and students which is why we would love another one!

Ryde Academy is another school who has adopted the C-Pen ReaderPenTM, with 4 students being allocated a pen on a daily basis to use throughout the duration of the school day. The pens were used in a multitude of lessons encompassing a wide range of tasks, from revision to reading tasks to group work activities. The school has 1,053 students, with 20% on the SEN register.

The school felt the product would considerably enhance the students’ access to learning – being able to read words effectively, independently and discreetly in the classroom.

Nicola Pritchett High Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) at Ryde Academy explains how they decided which students should be equipped with the pen and the desired results they were hoping to achieve.

“We use the Salford Reading Test, which helped us to identify students with lower than average levels of literacy who could bene t from the ReaderPenTM. The desired outcome of using the pen was to ensure the students were able to independently decipher difficult or unknown words when reading through passages of text on a worksheet or textbook, enabling them to fully understand the work as a result. This would particularly aid students with dyslexia or low reading ability.”

So what did the students like about the pen?

“The product appealed to the students because of its size. The pens were portable, easy to use (with simple, basic buttons) and were discreet – which was an extremely important feature for our students who did not want to draw attention to the aid.”

By having access to the pen, were there areas of the curriculum that yielded greater benefits to the students? “The pens have been hugely successful in English lessons, for reading/scanning through long extracts and also in Science lessons, where students come across new and challenging scientific vocabulary.”

How would the school summarise the key benefits of the C-Pen ReaderPenTM?

Nicola explains, “The pens have enabled teachers to let students read or look up difficult words independently, differentiating a variety of texts, without having to ask for help. The students using the pens all said they felt more independent as they did not need to ask someone else to read the more difficult words and they could get through their work at a quicker, more efficient pace.”