Kathryn Ramage, Principal Teacher Pupil Support from Hawick High School provided the following feedback about the C-Pen Reader:

Describe your school

Role of 1000 pupils, deprivation area with identified index of need

Ages 11-18

Semi-rural location in an area where unemployment rates are high and industry has declined therefore job opportunities limited

Did you trial the C-Pen Reader initially, if so, what “review process” did you follow and what conclusions did you draw?

The reader was trialled over a 7 month period originally with pupils in the Scottish BGE phase (secondary 1-3 ages 11- 14)

We used data from the Midyis S2 assessment screener to identify pupils who would benefit from a literacy intervention to support needs

We used data from the start of the project and compared to data at the end of the trial. We also monitored effects on pupil confidence with literacy and increases in self-esteem.

What do you most like about the C-Pen Reader?

Very easy to use and portable. Discreet resource for pupils to use within all mainstream classes.  A real novelty item which pupils were keen to use.

Audio point for headphones were useful as does not distract others when working in a class or group- super for our auditory learners.

Please describe how you are using the C-Pen Reader?

Using with identified pupils within the pupil support department of school (approx. 30 pupils accessing this at differing times of the school day)

Especially useful for identified dyslexic pupils and those that have phonics or decoding difficulties.

Please describe how the use of the C-Pen Reader has affected your students?

Pupils enjoy using the pen and have gained confidence with literacy matters.  Pupils readily ask for use of the pen and see it as a great tool for supporting their needs.

Independence has improved and therefore there is less need for adult support on a 1:1 basis within groups and classes.  The pen will not replace human beings though!

How likely are you to recommend the C-Pen Reader to others?

I have already demonstrated this to my colleagues who are also heads of departments at all Scottish Borders secondary schools.

It was shared at an INSET training day for staff and demonstrated by myself also- we had over 100 teachers at that event in November 2016.

I will continue to recommend this to others and to parents who may also find this a useful tool when doing homework with their young person.