Gemma Lightfoot, Specialist Teaching Assistant from Beverley school provided the following feedback about the C-Pen Reader

Describe your school: 

We're a special school in Middlesbrough for children with autism, who range from nursery age right through to sixth form age. 

Did you have the opportunity to trial the pen before purchase? 


During the trial what stuck you as a positive feature for your school to go ahead with an order? 

It gave targeted students more independence when it came to reading across a range of lessons. 

Which areas do you feel the use of the pen will impact upon for your school’s needs? 

It will impact more on older students who may have a greater need for reading support, whilst maintaining integrity, confidence and dignity. 

Have the students expressed any comments or thoughts on the Reader pen? 

Yes, a student in year 10 really enjoys using it in class and during his intervention time. 

Within the classroom environment have teaching and support staff noticed any positive outcomes for the students? 

Yes, a greater sense of independence as well as it being a kind of security/ safety blanket to fall back on. 

Would you recommend the pen to other colleagues? 


Any other comments you would like to add? 

The C-Pen has given our older students who struggle with reading due to a number of reasons, independence and confidence as well as a new found pleasure for reading. It is used for a number of reasons within school, to promote independence during lessons and as a security net within intervention time.