30 October 2015

Dear Jack,

Many thanks for the use of the C-Pen Reader and C-Pen Exam Reader.

The boys here have found the C-Pen Reader to be a valuable learning tool. The functionality of scanning to memory so that quotes can be captured to support research ‘on the go’ has been fantastic, and has been a significant help in reducing the time spent copying from texts and handouts.

The recording function has been of particular use to boys with slow processing speeds who are not able to copy from the board within limited timeframes, and therefore miss content. They are, with teacher permission, able to record the lesson and update their notes at the end of the day, which has been exceptionally helpful.

As a reading tool, we have found both the C-Pen Reader and C-Pen Exam Reader to be a significant improvement from previous models of pen reader in its ease of use and functionality. It has allowed pupils with reading difficulties to scan and listen to extensive quantities of text which allows for more meaning to be gained in the scanning and listening process.

Many thanks again for allowing us to use these fantastic devices. Yours sincerely

Yours sincerely 

Andrea DiStefano-Power, Head of Learning Support