Reader Pen Trial by Stephanie Connolly, Learning Support Teacher (Primary) at Kings School Al Barsha


Describe your school?

British school within the Middle East following the British curriculum, international student population, located in Dubai, school ranges from FS to secondary.

Did you trial the Reader initially, if so, what “review process” did you follow and what conclusions did you draw?

We trialled the Reader pen as we thought this would be very beneficial for the majority of our dyslexic students. We trialled it within classroom settings, 1:1 work and during standardised assessments. We reviewed the comments of the children about the Reader and also took into consideration the practicality of the pen during assessments and whether results differed from when the assessment was done without the pen.

The conclusions we drew upon were that the pen showed successful integration into the work environment in both classroom and assessment settings. The pen was easily managed by the children and provided a confidence boost for those children who struggle with de-coding, reading long texts and also for those children who are new to learning the English language. The Exam Pen is also being trialled within secondary on the lead up to GCSE’s, this has been successful so far and will be implemented during GCSE exams.

What do you most like about the Exam Reader/Reader?

Its compact style, the manoeuvrability and adaptability within various settings and the confidence boost it has provided those children we have used the pen with.  

Please describe how you are using the Exam Reader/Reader?

Within the classroom, 1:1, reading groups, specialist lessons such as dyslexia intervention sessions and with assessments.

Please describe how the use of the Exam Reader/Reader has affected your students?

The Reader automatically boosted our children’s confidence, it almost allowed them to relax when provided with the pen. Our students within our LS department have shown a high level of comprehension knowledge when provided with a reader but struggle individually with reading fluency, speed and de-coding and will most often avoid reading activities. The pen took away those stresses that they have built up with regards to reading, within one particular standardised assessment the child showed a significant increase in his results when re-assessed with the reader pen; the comprehension standardised score went from 82 to 124 when the pen was implemented.

What do the students say about the pen?

Students have said how helpful the pen has been, how it allows them to highlight one piece of text and then go back and listen back to the whole text, providing them the ability of ‘re-reading’, the children also said that they were happy to do a reading activity when the pen was provided.

Please describe any other areas in school you feel the Exam Reader/Reader has helped?

Standardised scores for in school assessments. GCSE exams within Kings.

How likely are you to recommend the Exam Reader/Reader to others?

I would highly recommend the reader pen to any school who is aiming to become a dyslexia friendly school. I would also recommend the pen to parents who have children with reading difficulties to increase their confidence and comprehension ability.