California Department of Education

“While providing direct training in the area of Assistive Technology to support reading... I was demonstrating the ReaderPen and how invaluable the supports were for students. I noticed that one of the participants walked out quickly following our discussion at the break. When she returned, she came up to talk to me and shared that she quickly called her husband who was a fireman and was having difficulty passing some of the reading/written assessments so he could “move up” in his job. She was so excited that he could use this to support him in his profession. While she was talking to me her eyes were teared and she just couldn’t believe that no one had ever shared this... and how much it would make a difference in his life.”

Assessment – Reading & Dyslexia

“When addressing the feature match for assistive technology in the area of reading for a student who demonstrated a complex profile and diagnosed with dyslexia. His profile resulted in difficulties with fluent word recognition, reading comprehension and subsequently decreased exposure to academic grade level vocabulary. Several strategies/assistive technology tools were trailed to support his identified areas of needs/features. During trials with the ReaderPen, he quickly utilised the ReaderPen to support his reading, and vocabulary needs. Following direct trials with the ReaderPen, he was able to demonstrate his ability to recall the specific words he had scanned. He independently read the word and stated the meaning. The student stated that he felt scanning the word, and hearing it helped him recall the word (multimodality input). He shared that he was very excited that he could read by himself!”.

California Department of Education - Diagnostic Center, Central CA, Speech Language Pathologist, and Specialist in Assistive Technology/Augmentative Alternative Communication