Mandy Overgaard, Resource Teacher, College Heights Secondary School, Canada

Student: CW

Pre-Use Survey:

What is your biggest struggle in each of your courses?

a. English: Reading
b. Math: Reading
c. Geography: Reading

d. Tech: Reading

 What do you think the most useful aspect of this device will be?

“It can read it to me.”

 How often do you use a reader (staff in resource or other)?

“Very often.”

If you didn’t have the C-Pen, what would you use to help you with reading?

“My phone or my computer - I type everything out on my phone and get it to read back to me. The pen will probably save me lots of time.”

Post-Use Survey:

Did you find the pen useful?

“Yes, I have found the pen very useful. I use the pen in all of my subjects and at home to read.”

Was the pen easy to use?


Did you have any issues using the pen? If so, what specifically?


What was the greatest benefit of this device?

“It helped me read on my own, I didn’t have to ask other people to read to me.”

Would you recommend it to other students who need assistance reading?

“Ya, it’s easier than using the computer or read-and-write. The pen is easier to carry around and doesn’t distract me in class like the computer did when I used Google read-and-write.”

 Did you use the dictionary feature?

“No, I never needed to know what a word meant, but I would use it if I needed to know.”

Continuous Feedback Log:

February 12, 2018
CW first weekend with the pen went well. He is using the pen to read a novel independently!

February 13, 2018
CW discovered the ability to scroll back up through the text he has already scanned and click on a word to re-read that portion. He is really enjoying this function as it is helping him understand material better.

March 5, 2018
CW is still really enjoying the pen to do his work and to read his novel. He has tried to use it to play cards (i.e. Magic Cards, Yugioh) but he says the text is too small for the pen to read it.
CW has gained full independence in mathematics as he no longer needs a person to read the questions to him.


CW is an LD with Communication - Language Impairment. His challenges include phonological awareness and processing (relationship between spoken and written language), word reading, phonological processing, and phonological awareness. He has shown remarkable progress since using the pen.

Before he had the C-Pen, he needed constant 1-1 support in resource for reading his worksheets, readings and questions. Since using the pen, he rarely requires assistance. One of the greatest gains has been in mathematics. CW required one- on-one support for reading math questions in the resource room. The pen enabled him to access the questions independently reducing his need to access the resource room and freeing up and EA or Resource Teacher. CW has also used the pen at home and in his spare time to read for pleasure. He was really excited when he first got the pen. He indicated if he were to not have access to the pen in the future, he would greatly miss it and the freedom it brings him to work on his own at his own pace. His independence and confidence has skyrocketed. I think the pen has been invaluable in improving CW’s educational experience.

By Mandy Overgaard, Resource Teacher, College Heights Secondary School