Completed by Pat Enright

Learning Support Teacher 2016/2017 -  Supporting Jack who has severe Dyslexia and other cognitive processing difficulties.

Our school is located in a village about 30 km from Limerick City. It is a Primary School in a rural setting with mixed enrolment of about 100 pupils ranging in age from 4 to 12. Yrs.

We were delighted to get the Reader Pen in June as it helped Jack with end of year assessments when he became familiar with its use. It enabled Jack to understand what text the assessment presented for answering.

Once Jack became familiar with the C Pen his confidence grew as he was enabled to hear the question read back to him by the C pen. His esteem heightened as this was a new step in his independent answering. Without the device, Jack would not have been able to read the text in the questions on his own.

The pen was easy to use once charged with simple menus for ease of operation. The protection case is a great storage facility as is the whole packaging box to store the charging device. The female voice is clear and concise but the text has to be accurately scanned for best results. Size wise it is good for a pupil’s hand but a tad too small if operated by an adult. It is light in weight which again is advantageous for a pupil.

Jack uses the C pen mainly to read and decipher difficult text. His third week back at school and he has begun to the Dictionary facility. A big advantage is the volume control which can be reduced if he is doing some independent work in a group situation.

Less teacher contact time has resulted as Jack manages more on his own to work independently. As he faces his final year in Primary School he is facing more word problems in Maths and I’m sure this will benefit him greatly in his understanding of the problems.

The C pen has been of benefit in the school office as paragraphs of text do not have to be cut and pasted and copied to reduce the amount of text. Now Jack uses the pen to read the marked paragraphs with the salient points.

Other pupils are keen to use the C pen as they see Jack working independently and they are only too eager to use the device to help with their Literacy issues.

I consider the C pen to be an innovative device with great facilities and easy to use. So far it has helped mainly Jack and also some other learners to become independent and so open up the great world of learning to them.

It is a wonderful learning tool with many pupils eager to use it to assist with Literacy and Numeracy.