Key Product Features

OCR Engine

C-Pen Reader contains a high accuracy OCR that enables you to capture and save quotes and other text of interest instantly. The text is saved in text files which is then easily transferred to your computer. Extremely handy if you are a student or a reseacher or if you just want to save some text of interest. Simply use the pen to scan a word, a paragraph, or why not full pages. It´s easier than you think! 

Text to speech

Use C-Pen Reader to read printed text for you! C-Pen Reader features a high quality naturally speaking British English, American English, Spanish or French voices. Use it to listen to pronounciations or to help you read in general. Why not really benefit from the OCR and capture larger amount of text which C-Pen Reader reads for you while you follow the text in the text book visually? More senses = better learning. It´s easier than you think! 


Not sure about a word? C-Pen Reader contains high quality electronic dictionaries. Capture the word(s) and they are located in the dictionary for you. It´s an instant experience. C-Pen Reader also remember words that you have looked up and keep the history available for you. 


Screen OLED 256*64
CPU 600MHz
Memory - 4GB (OS 1G, User 3G)
Earphone 3.5mm
Battery 1,200mAh
Scan Font Size Range 6.5 - 22 pt
Electronic Dictionaries - Collin English 30th Anniversary Dictionary 10th Edition (156,120 words) 

Diccionario Oxford Pocket para estudiantes de ingles 4th edition

Oxford Spanish Dictionary 4th edition

Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary 4th edition

Dictionnaire Oxford Poche pour apprendre l’anglais

Certifications CE RoHS FCC
Size Dimensions: 135*33*19mm Weight: 50g

USB - USB 2.0 High speed / Micro USB
Extracted Content - Extracted text saved as a .txt file
File System - FAT\FAT32\NTFS
Menu Languages - English


Voice Memos

Aside from everything else C-Pen Reader also features a microphone (and of course speaker and headphones connector) allowing you to record audio. Like voice memos. The audio files are saved in the device, can be retrieved and listened to any time. You can also upload the audio files to your computer. It´s convenient! 

USB drive

C-Pen Reader also double as a USB drive. 1GB user space is available. Most likely enough to store a backup of your documents or other important files. Connect it to a USB port on your MAC, Windows or Linix computer. 


C-Pen Reader uses a standard micro USB connector for charging and connecting to computers, and a standard 3.5 mm connector for your favourite headphones.


The C-Pen Reader is small, portable, and light making it easy to carry with you anywhere you like to read. 


Products are warranted against defects for 1 year from date of purchase.


Free support is available.  The manual is here. The quick start guide is here. For the latest firmware, please click here and a version history is here.


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Package Contents

C610 Exam Reader
Carry Case
USB Cable
Instruction Manual