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I work with cognitively impaired high school aged students. Many of my students have difficulties with reading and comprehension. The reading pen has been empowering for my students who struggle to read. My students look forward to reading now. It is not just with the reading curriculum. I teach life skills so it is being used across curriculums. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet you at the conference and to have had the opportunity to use such a great tool in my classroom. I like it so much that I am putting in a request to purchase a class set. Thanks again for all of your support and for representing such a good product.
— Doug Herron, Alaska Anchorage Public Schools
Our students use the Reader Pen to allow them to read independently at an age appropriate level and to check word meaning in the internal dictionary. The pens helped them to gain confidence, independence and fluency.
— Antonia Canaris, Director, Neurosensory, NSW


Thank you for allowing Carver Middle High School to trial the C-Pen. The pens have been used in the Language Based Program. The program provides services to students in grades 6 through 8 with severe reading disabilities. The pens have been instrumental in promoting independence in the inclusion classroom. The students are able to use the pens during class to read unknown words, to take tests, and quizzes in the classroom in place of being pulled to an alternative setting, and they have used the pens to read books, and articles that would have been read to them. The students are excited about using the pens. The pens are small, and not noticed by other students. When asked if they like the pens students responded, “they help me read words I don’t know”, “they are cool”, and “they are easy to use”. As a teacher of students with reading disabilities, I think the pens are a “must have” in the classroom. The pens are easily accessible, and the students enjoy using them. The pens enable students to learn beside their peers, and access the curriculum independently.
— Katie Laliberte, Carver Middle High School, Language Based Program
I have used the reading pen for one of my students who has limited reading skills. We used the pen last year as a trial and then our district bought some this year. He is currently in fourth grade. The student we have used it with is in an inclusion classroom with the support of a paraprofessional. She helps him read the grade level material and provides support in all curriculum areas. The reader pen takes a little getting used to, however, once you have the angle right it is very helpful. The pen has helped him to be more independent on worksheets and helps him feel more a part of the class. He is able to do the work the other students are doing without needing the paraprofessional to read it to him. Using the pen has given him the boost of confidence that “I can do this”. When we asked him what he thought of the pen he said, “I like it, I can read my books now!”
— Deb P. Special Education Teacher
I love the C-Pen reader. It makes reading so much easier for the struggling reader. It’s also wonderful for those students who benefit from having auditory input along with the visual input while reading. Plus, it helps when they don’t know a word. It’s a fantastic device and we’re extremely grateful to you for showing this to us.
— R. Richards, So. California Tri-Counties Branch IDA
Awesome technology is what our 11 year old said about your pen. Thank you so much for making written content accessible to our son. We are so grateful to you.
— From a parent via email.
“I hate to have to have the teachers come and re-read the directions to assignments, so I just sit there. I tried this once and I actually found a dictionary in there that helped me understand a word that I didn’t know.”
— Tony, 8th grade boy, English Language Learner
“Sometimes my teachers forget to enlarge the reading articles that they hand out, so I have used it to read the small print that I can’t see very well. It has been pretty cool. I don’t have to wait for someone to make me another copy.”
— Caden - 9th grade boy - Vision disability
“I used to have to wait for my teacher to read to me, and now, I go to the reader station and I can do it myself. I am not missing class as long as I used to.”
— Carol, 7th grade girl - reading disability
@scanningpens 10 months ago we bought our nearly 12 yr old #dyslexic daughter a c-pen. Her reading age was 4.9 yrs. It is now over 9!!!! she is now 12 and made her teachers cry when for the first time ever she was able to answer questions in class because she could “read” the sheets handed out! She read outloud on camera recently and is totally flying in year 8. She also has the highest number of housepoints in her year group. (1st out of 240) , all because we bought that c -pen. Its been life changing! We dont live too far from seend and she always shouts thank you for changing my life when we drive by.
— Lou ‏@sausagerisotto on Twitter

C-Pens are amazing! In the world of AT, this is a tool everyone needs. Within minutes’ students and teachers are using the pens to read worksheets, vocabulary words, bus schedules and even cake mix boxes. My students love the fact that the pen is small and doesn’t make them look different. Thanks for making such as great tool.
— K. White, Assistive Technology Specialist, Wisconsin USA - June 2016
The C-Pen has been a fabulous help. I recently was diagnosed with dyslexia and I am entering graduate school this fall and I know the C-Pen will come in very handy. I believe the C-Pen is a quality product. I spent a few months researching the different products on the market and it was the camera scanner that sold me. Thank you C-Pen, I know that I will be able to take on my future school readings with confidence.
— Martín C. Muñoz, Utah – June 2016

We are extremely pleased with the C-Pen Reader. Our seven year old daughter is dyslexic and this C-Pen reader was absolutely one of the best purchases we ever made for her. She didn’t like to read simply because at times it became very difficult and overwhelming for her to even complete a sentence or a paragraph. She has been using the c-pen reader for several months at home and in school. The c-pen gives her the ability to read on her own without having to ask for help constantly. In fact, she is using it less and only when she truly needs it to get through times when she’s struggling. The C-Pen has given her great confidence and independence to help her grow! We were concerned at first all she would do is scan everything, but that simply wasn’t the case at all. We noticed when she did need to scan lines she not only would listen to the words but would follow the words being pronounced on the screen. This was amazing for us because we realized it wasn’t just a reader... it was teaching her the ability to recognize words too! The reader is amazingly fast and the battery life is excellent lasting days. We can’t thank you enough for this powerful tool. It’s made a huge impact in her confidence, and really creates a better reading environment for her. Her reading assist specialist can’t believe how amazing the C-Pen works and the confidence it has produced for our daughter.
— Dave Lloyd, Delaware – June 2016
As the demand for exam access arrangements increases we have had to look for alternative methods that are both cost effective and pupil friendly. A laptop is not an ideal solution, and a scribe plus a chaperone expensive. Over the last three months we have trialled C-Pen ExamReader.

Our chosen pupils will require a variety of arrangements including readers. The trial has altered our thoughts on access arrangements for such pupils. The C-Pen has been a great success for both us and the pupils. We have now taken delivery of more C-Pens and The pupils will have their own C-Pen and use them not only in the Summer’s public exams but also in the classroom from now on.

We have also purchased The C-Pen ReaderPen for our reluctant readers in the lower school. We are now trialling them for two months.
— Bill Dewberry, Chingford Foundation School
Everything arrived yesterday afternoon and I have to be honest I tried it yesterday evening and was very impressed with it.

As a practising dyslexic I approach products like this with a very open mind with a view to hopefully being impressed. In this particular case I wasn’t disappointed.
— Edward
In my opinion it is ergonomic, helpful for my six, seven and nine year old to scan words quickly so the reading process is not slowed down by them having to stumble upon words and ask for help.
This is what I wanted, so I am happy with the pen.
— Caroline, a parent from Wiltshire

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